New! VeriWash 3D Printed Parts Cleaner

Whip Mix’s new VeriWash resin cleaning station is the ideal piece of equipment to use in the 3D printed resin post processing process. It’s oscillating, multi-speed stirrer produces a tornado-like vortex every 60-seconds, that guarantees efficient, effective and powerful cleaning within 3 minutes whether the units are individual or still attached to the build plate.

The two alcohol baths make an effective step-wash system. It cleans more efficiently and there is less alcohol needed since the alcohol is used for both a fresh bath and then re-used as a dirty bath.

The unit’s intelligent design offers features such as Mode, Time, and Start/Stop button display which gives the operator full and automatic control of the cleaning process. A mesh basket used in the wash container makes it easy to keep track of small printed parts when cleaning. The affordable unit’s one-year warranty ensures peace-of-mind for the owner.

*All replacement parts below have a 1 year warranty.

Item No. Description
79250 VeriWash Washing Unit Buy
Replacement Parts
79258 VeriWash Main Body Bottom
79259 VeriWash Main Body Top
79260 VeriWash DC Cover
79261 VeriWash DC Inlet
79262 VeriWash Wash Impeller with Stop Bolt Set
79263 VeriWash Motor Impeller
79264 VeriWash Motor
79265 VeriWash Motor Housing
79266 VeriWash Cooling Fan (5V/0.1A)
79267 VeriWash PCB Set with PCB Bracket
79268 VeriWash DC Adaptor (24V/2.5A)
VeriWash Wash Container Item No: 79251
VeriWash Universal Jig Item No: 79252
VeriWash Wash Container Lid Item No: 79253
VeriWash Partition Item No: 79254
VeriWash Mesh Basket Item No: 79255
VeriWash Metal Rod Item No: 79256
VeriWash Disposable Main Body Cover Item No: 79257