VeriBuild LCD

Meet Your Future… VeriBuild LCD - Affordable. Accurate. Easy.

Meet the VeriBuild LCD 3D Printer, with features rarely seen in economically priced printers. Your lab or dental practice can now print extremely precise models and accurate surgical guides with slice thicknesses between 25 – 100 microns. This open system printer is able to print 405nm print resins using the proper file with its advanced software. Whether this is your first 3D printer or an add-on for increased production, you can count on consistently high print quality and high accuracy at an affordable price for any lab – big or small.

Some of the VeriBuild 3D Printer’s features:

  • Open Material System
  • High Resolution 47 µm
  • Complete Workflow Solutions
  • Advanced Software
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Smooth Surface Printing
  • Auto Calibration

What’s Included?

  • 1 Alpha 3D Nesting Software (No annual fees!)
  • 2 Spare LCD panels
  • 2 Resin Vats
  • 1 Build Platform
  • 2 Resin Vat film sheets

The VeriBuild 3D printer is currently qualified for use with these Whip Mix VeriBuild Resins:

VeriModel OS Ivory; VeriModel OS Golden Brown; VeriModel OS White; VeriModel OS Grey; VeriGuide OS Surgical Guide Resin; Dentca Denture Resin; and Dentca Temporary Crown & Bridge Resin


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Technical Specifications

Build Volume X, Y, Z
118 x 66 x 140mm
Pixel Resolution
47 µm
Slice Thickness
25-100 microns
LED Wavelength
Material System
Open - Use any 3rd Party Material - Qualified with Whip Mix Resins
File Inputs
System Size
25 x 21 x 38cm
System Weight
12 months manufacturer's warranty
Technical Support
Unlimited Software Updates
Item No. Description
79200 VeriBuild LCD 405nm Buy
VeriBuild LCD Module Item No: 79210
VeriBuild Back-Light System Item No: 79211
VeriBuild System Board Item No: 79212
VeriBuild Cooling System - Bottom Item No: 79213
VeriBuild Cooling System - Back Item No: 79214
VeriBuild Cooling System - B/L Item No: 79215
VeriBuild Power Inlet Item No: 79216
VeriBuild Power Supply Item No: 79217
VeriBuild Touch Screen Module Item No: 79218
VeriBuild 3D Printer LCD Panel VeriBuild LCD Panel (3pk) Item No: 79219 Buy
VeriBuild 3D Printer Vat Film VeriBuild Vat Film (2pk) Item No: 79220 Buy
VeriBuild Glass Item No: 79221
VeriBuild Acrylic Hood Item No: 79222
VeriBuild 3D Printer Vat Pack Tray Pack VeriBuild Tray with Vat Film Item No: 79223 Buy
VeriBuild 3D Printer Build Platform VeriBuild Build Platform Item No: 79224 Buy
VeriBuild Clamps/Knobs Item No: 79225
VeriBuild Z-Home Sensor Item No: 79226
VeriBuild Wi-Fi Dongle Item No: 79227