UViTron UV IntelliRay 600 Curing Unit

Whip Mix introduces the UViTRON IntelliRay 600 curing unit.

  • The unit features a wide range of light (320-390nm)
  • High capacity
  • Fully enclosed curing chamber
  • Audible beep when the cycle is finished
  • Cooling system to ensure reliability of the components
  • Integrated exposure shutter for highest protection from UV radiation
  • A long life 600-Watt metal halide-type lamp and parabolic reflector
  • Illuminates an 8 x 6 inch curing area with evenly distributed 115mW/cm2 (600W) UVA light
Item No. Description
71272 UViTRON Intelliray 600 Lamp Head Buy
71274 UViTRON Rayven UV Curing Oven Buy
UViTRON Flood Filter Glass 3.3mm Item No: 71275
UViTRON UVA 600 w/ Lamp Item No: 71276
UViTRON Intelliray Shutter Shade Item No: 71277
UViTRON Fan Filter Elements - Pkg 5 Item No: 71278
UViTRON Thumbscrew for Cover Assembly Item No: 71279