Sum3D Millbox Whip Mix Edition Software

CAM Software for the Roland DG Mill

MillBox is the dental CAM solution developed for milling any kind of restoration with any material. Equipped with a simple to follow user interface that is both innovative and appealing, MillBox simplifies the nesting and toolpath creation.

Using MillBox means: Nesting operations are easier to perform. With a minimal amount of steps needed, new users are able to be operational in a very short time with very little training.

MillBox is built on a powerful CAM platform that is easy to use and that decreases time and cost, which adds to a significant return on the investment made. Made easier and more immediate with the new touch screen version!

*Authorized distributor in the United States only

Item No. Description
72025-DONGLE Millbox 5 Axis Roland DG Edition
72026-VIRTUAL Millbox 5 Axis Roland DG Expert Edition Upgrade