Denar® Split Cast Mounting Plates

For Denar® Mark 300 Series

Denar® Split Cast Mounting Plates for Denar® Mark 300 Series Articulators were designed for use with the 3Shape scanner and software system. The Split Cast Mounting Plates aid in scanning your casts using a 3Shape scanner by reducing the height of each cast.

  • Mount the product on the bench top articulator as normal using face-bow records, arbitrary mounting stands, or CR records.
  • Capture the position and cant of the patient’s teeth, then replicate that bench top positioning on the virtual articulator in the software.
  • Create your restoration and equilibrate on the computer. Print and confirm the restoration on your bench top.

Available in 10mm, 15mm or 20mm

Item No. Description
20011743 Split Cast Mounting Plate - 10mm Buy
20011744 Split Cast Mounting Plate - 15mm Buy
20011745 Split Cast Mounting Plate - 20mm Buy
20011750 Split Cast Mounting Plates - 3 piece kit (1 each: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm) Buy