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Product Description

The Whip Mix® SinterPro Sintering Furnace takes sintering to the next level. Multiple programs and multi-stage sintering allow for optimization throughout the process. SinterPro is easy to program, easy to use, and versatile. 30 user defined programs and shallow and deep trays that can be used in any combination make SinterPro a valuable addition in any laboratory setting. Its many advanced features give SinterPro true “Set and Forget” ease of use.

The SinterPro Sintering Furnace Features:

  • Multiple Programs, Multi-Stage Sintering – 30 user-defined programs and four stage sintering allow for optimization of firing programs.
  • High Density Payload Capacity – Two trays with different heights give the furnace capacity real versatility. Use a shallow tray for basic single units and short span bridges, the deep tray for large conventional and Prettau Bridges.
  • Reduced Amperage Requirements – The low 16-20 amp draw requirement (depending on what country you live in) means you will most likely not require custom electrical modifications.
  • Power Fail Recovery – If the power browns out or blacks out for a short time, especially at night when unattended, the oven will automatically resume the firing cycle at the stage where power failed.
  • Safety –  Alarm card safeties/failsafes. The oven is UL safety certified to the UL 61010 standard which means you can be assured that an independent testing lab has
    confirmed the unit will fail safe. Look around. How many other ovens carry safety certification? (Hint: we see very few!). Idle/Preheat automatically raises the lift if no keys have been pressed for an hour and applies just enough power to keep the muffle between 100° and 200°F. This keeps the muffle from accumulating moisture which can turn into steam on the next run and cause insulation cracks.
  • Accuracy – Like all Whip Mix ovens, the unit is calibrated to +/- 3˚ C tolerance specification. 1570°C max sustained temperature is ideal for sintering zirconia.
  • Field Software Upgradeability Via Flash Drive – convenient upgrades you install means no shipping the furnace back for us to do it!
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Sintering Beads 2mm Zirconia 8oz
Item No. 96549
Sintering Tray Shallow Round
Item No. 96531
Sintering Tray Deep Round
Item No. 96535
Sintering Tray Round Lid Only
Item No. 96537
Sintering Tray Forceps
Item No. 96539
Replacement Parts
#30215 Fuse 4 Amp Glass (5mm X 20mm) 2 Pack for SinterPro
Item No. 96540
#30216 Fuse 125 MA Glass (5mm X 20mm) 2 Pack for SinterPro
Item No. 96541
#30223 Fuse 50 MA Ceramic (5mm X 20mm) 2 Pack for SinterPro
Item No. 96542
#30009 Thermocouple Type B for SinterPro Furnaces After 10/2017
Item No. 96545
#30001 Logic Board for SinterPro
Item No. 96555
#30001 Logic Board 20A for SinterPro
Item No. 96557
#30002 Alarm PCB for SinterPro
Item No. 96558
Flash Drive for SinterPro
Item No. 96559
#30007 Overlay for SinterPro
Item No. 96560
#30008 Heating Elements 4 Pack for SinterPro
Item No. 96562
#30009 Thermocouple Type B for SinterPro Furnaces Before 10/2017
Item No. 96563
#30211 Fan Assembly Upper Column for SinterPro
Item No. 96564
#30003 Display PCB for SinterPro
Item No. 96565
#30004 Power Supply for SinterPro
Item No. 96566
#30006 Contactor Relay for SinterPro
Item No. 96567
#30019 Fan Assembly Lower Column for SinterPro
Item No. 96568
#5307 Lift Motor for SinterPro
Item No. 96569
#10003 Solid State Relay for SinterPro
Item No. 96570
#30047 Fan Filter Assembly for SinterPro
Item No. 96571
#30205 Firing Tray Insulation for SinterPro
Item No. 96572
#30203 Firing Tray Refractory Cap for SinterPro
Item No. 96573
#30119 Voltage Monitoring Board for SinterPro
Item No. 96574

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