Resin Fortified, Low Expansion Die Stone

ISO Type 4

ResinRock, a new, resin fortified die stone produces models of the highest quality. The unique blend of synthetic resin and alpha gypsum results in improved surface smoothness and increased resistance to abrasion. Its low setting expansion and dimensional stability make it ideal for implant and complex restorative cases where precision and accuracy are required. ResinRock is easy to work with – its creamy, thixotropic mix pours easily under vibration and stacks readily.

Scannable – Models may be used with Cad Cam systems eliminating the need for a specialty scan stone or spray.

Available in seven scannable colors:peach, blue, grey, ivory, white, green and golden brown. Peach, blue, green and golden brown provide excellent contrast to casting waxes. The neutral tones of grey, ivory and white complement all ceramic materials.

Please note the use of Gypsum Hardener is not recommended with this product.

Physical Properties

Water/Powder Ratio
20 mL/100 g powder
Working Time
5 - 7 minutes
Setting Time
10 minutes
Setting Expansion
Compressive Strength, Wet (1hr.)
7,000 psi (49 MPa)
Compressive Strength, Dry (48 hrs.)
11,000 psi (76 MPa)
Item No. Description
34924 ResinRock Blue 11#/5KG
330010 ResinRock Blue 33#/15KG
Golden Brown
330011 ResinRock Golden Brown 33#/15KG
330012 ResinRock Green 33#/15KG
330013 ResinRock Grey 33#/15KG
34973 ResinRock Ivory 25 - 70g Package
34972 ResinRock Ivory 25 - 70g Package (Case of 4)
34970 ResinRock Ivory 11#/5KG
330014 ResinRock Ivory 33#/15KG
34983 ResinRock Peach 25 - 70g Package
34991 ResinRock Peach 25 - 70g Package (Case of 4)
34916 ResinRock Peach 11#/5KG
330015 ResinRock Peach 33#/15KG
330016 ResinRock White 33#/15KG