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Description: Replacement Wax Tips
Description: Replacement Wax Tips
Description: Wax Carving Tips #1 and #3
Description: Wax Carving Tips #1 through #6
Description: Wax Tip #1 Offset Explorer
Description: Wax Tip #2 Pkt1
Description: Wax Tip #3 Pkt2
Description: Wax Tip #4 Discoid
Description: Wax Tip #5 Mini Beavertail
Description: Wax Tip #6 Beavertail
Description: Wax Tip #7 Large Beavertail
Description: Wax Tip #8 Pkt7
Description: Wax Tip #9 Half Hollenback
Product Description
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Product Description

Whip Mix offer 9 different replacement tips for its new line of digital waxing pencils.

Wax Carving Tips #1 and #3
Item No. 10167
Wax Carving Tips #1 through #6
Item No. 10168
Wax Tip #1 Offset Explorer
Item No. 10171
Wax Tip #2 Pkt1
Item No. 10172
Wax Tip #3 Pkt2
Item No. 10173
Wax Tip #4 Discoid
Item No. 10174
Wax Tip #5 Mini Beavertail
Item No. 10175
Wax Tip #6 Beavertail
Item No. 10176
Wax Tip #7 Large Beavertail
Item No. 10177
Wax Tip #8 Pkt7
Item No. 10178
Wax Tip #9 Half Hollenback
Item No. 10179

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