Replacement Parts


Drive Nuts and Chucks

Whip Mix driving motors provide two basic speeds. High speed at 1725 rpm is recommended only for vacuum-investing with the 200 mL or 300 mL VAC-U-SPAT. Because of its small paddle diameter, the VAC-U-SPATgives the most uniform results with all inlay investments with high speed spatulation.

Low speed at 425 rpm is recommended for all VAC-U-MIXERS when spatulating gypsum materials, alginates and large quantities of investments. The POWER-MIXER with Vacuum provides only low speed. But the COMBINATION UNIThas two drive speeds: the rear Drive Chuck #6108 is the high speed at 1725 rpm, and front is the low speed at 425 rpm. Drive Nuts on the mixing units and corresponding drive chucks on motors have been designed to prevent the interchange of a mixing unit between these two speeds.

Also, the directions of rotation of the drive chucks for these speeds is opposite. The high speed drive chucks of the discontinued VAC-U-VESTOR and the COMBINATION UNIT require a Left-Hand thread for the paddle shaft and drive nut. The low speed drives of the COMBINATION UNIT, and the POWERMIXERwith Vacuum, need a Right-Hand thread for the paddle shaft and drive nut.

It is important, therefore, that the proper drive nut is specified whenever a mixing unit is ordered. And when adapting a mixer already in use the thread direction must be considered — sometimes the entire paddle assembly must be changed.

Item No. Description
09091 #6375 Slotted Drive Nut - for operation w/ COMBO UNIT or POWER MIXERS - R.H. Thread
09105 #6865 Slotted Drive Nut (for 1200 mL VAC-U-MIXER or DISC 6" Mech. Mixer) for operation w/ COMBO UNIT or POWER MIXER- R.H. Thread
09113 #4109 Friction Grip Drive Nut (for 200, 300, and 500 mL size only) for operation w/ VAC-U-VESTER and COMBO UNIT - L.H. Thread
15555 #6393 Drive Nut for operation w/ HANDY-HOLDER on COMBO UNIT or POWER MIXER- R.H. Thread
Plastic Tubing & Connections
09156 #5700 Plastic Tubing, 2-1/4 ft. with Plastic Trap, Trap Cap and "O" Rings
09172 #5701 Metal Trap Cap - with "O" Rings #1 and #2
09180 #5703 Gauze - for Plastic Trap (Pkg. of 6)
09199 #5704 Retainer Spring
09202 #5705 Plastic Trap - with Retainer Spring and Gauze
09211 #5709 Plastic Tubing - 5 ft. length
07366 #4008 "O" Ring #1-5/16" O.D. - for tip of Trap Cap (Pkg. of 6)
07374 #5702 "O" Ring #2-7/16" O.D. - fits inside Trap Cap (Pkg. of 6)