Pumice Preppies™

Unit Dose Flour of Pumice Paste

Preppies™ Flour of Pumice Paste has been specifically formulated for dental professionals requiring a cleaning agent that contains no flavoring agents, oils or fluoride. Pumice Preppies™ leave no residue and are ideal for a variety of operatory procedures including:

  • Cleaning the tooth surface prior to acid etching procedures
  • Cleaning the tooth surface prior to restoration cementation
  • Polishing amalgam or composite restorations
  • Prophylaxis of heavily stained teeth
  • New Technique – prepping tooth surface prior to bleaching procedure
  • Safe for most common allergies
  • Gluten Free
  • Each cup provides enough flour of pumice paste for a single use, providing optimum infection control
Item No. Description
03400 Pumice Preppies™ (Jar of 100-1.8gram Cups)
Trial Pack
03401 4-1.8g cups of Pumice Preppies Buy