ProCal Calibration Device

The ProCal Calibration Device both checks and recalibrates the temperature settings on Pro 200 Series furnaces. The easy to use device features automatic calibration – no manual adjustment is required.  Functions include:

  • Quick QC Check mode quickly checks a specified temperature in around 5 minutes.
  • ProCal Soaked Muffle mode automatically analyzes and recalibrates any Pro 200 Series Furnace for both low and high fusing porcelains temperatures.
  • ProCal Cool Muffle function automatically heat soaks the furnace to 800ºC before beginning full calibration.
  • Adaptor included for use with Pro 100 Series furnaces to check temperature but Full Calibration requires manual setting.

Recommended use: To maintain consistency and accuracy when firing procelain, run QC Check when furnace programs are initially set and then on a monthly maintenance schedule. The ProCal provides comparison data on all Pro Series furnaces so that all furnaces are standardized to one calibration device. Convenient, reliable, and fully automatic; the ProCal requires no supervision for furnace calibration.

Item No. Description
95030 ProCal Calibration Device
95031 ProCal Calibration Device Firelite Adaptor