High Strength Die Stone

ISO Type 4

PRIMA-ROCK has the highest compressive strength of any Whip Mix die material. Vacuum spatulation provides a smooth mix which flows readily. It’s compatible with all types of impression materials and upon setting, PRIMA-ROCK develops a dense surface with superior hardness.

Physical Properties

Water/Powder Ratio
20 mL/100 g
Working Time
6 - 8 minutes
Setting Time
12 minutes
Setting Expansion
Compressive Strength, Wet (1hr.)
8,000 psi (55 MPa)
Compressive Strength, Dry (48 hrs.)
17,000 psi (117 MPa)
Item No. Description
330035 Prima-Rock Ivory 33#/15KG
16624 Prima-Rock Violet 120 - 70 g Package
330036 Prima-Rock Violet 33#/15KG
16632 Prima-Rock Yellow 120 - 70 g Package
330037 Prima-Rock Yellow 33#/15KG