Refractory Die Material

POLYVEST Refractory Die Material is formulated with a coefficient of thermal expansion to closely match today’s newer porcelains. With its controlled expansion, POLYVEST permits full contour build-ups and produces accurate ceramic restorations.

POLYVEST offers many advantages to users such as:

  • Ample working time to pour models
  • Fine-grained material with fluidity for highly accurate reproduction
  • Highest strength to resist fracture and abrasion
  • Controlled expansion to match most porcelains

Physical Properties

Liquid/Powder Ratio
22 mL/100g
Working Time
2 minutes
Compressive Strength (after firing)
6,500 psi (46MPa)
Compressive Strenth (1hour)
6,000 psi (42MPa)
Thermal Expansion 500ºC (932ºF), 2nd Firing
Maximum Furnace Temperature
1,200ºC (2,200ºF)
Item No. Description
24930 24 - 60 g Package
Special Liquid Concentrate - Plus (Keep from freezing)
38122 340mL Bottle
38127 1 Liter Bottle
38130 6pk / 1 Liter Bottles