Otoflash Curing Unit w/ Gas

Otoflash light curing unit is for the effective polymerization of light-cured resins under nitrogen gas. The curing chamber, is the ideal size for dental applications at 4.72 x 4.72 x 1.97 in. (120 x 120 x 50 mm).

The unit features two photoflash lamps that produce 10 flashes/second with 200W of power in a spectral distribution from 280 nm up to 700 nm. Because of this, the cured resin materials exhibit excellent physical properties and reduced residual monomer.

A special feature of this unit is that it can be used with nitrogen to produce an inert environment which prevents the oxygen inhibition at the surface to produce an even higher quality product. Whip Mix VeriBuildĀ® 3D print resins exhibit optimal physical, esthetic and mechanical properties when polymerized in the Otoflash Curing Unit.

Technical Specifications

Outer Dimensions
12.2" x 12.2" x 5.51"
Inner Chamber Dimensions
4.72" x 4.72" x 1.97"
Operating Voltage
100, 115, 230 Volt
Power Input
13.23 lbs.
Item No. Description
71236 Otoflash Curing Unit Buy
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