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Product Description
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Product Description

The Nonin Pulse Oximeter with ProFox Software System is designed to screen patients for potential airway obstruction by measuring the patient’s oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate while they sleep using high resolution pulse oximetry. This is beneficial when evaluating the effectiveness of sleep appliances, for titration of sleep appliances, or before protecting teeth with a nightguard.

Features of the Nonin 3150 wrist pulse oximeter:

  • Accuracy and comfort make the Nonin pulse oximeter one of the most popular on the market.
  • Compact design allows it to be worn like a watch.
  • Large display screen and enhanced sensor connector design is user friendly.
  • Enhanced Memory (1,080 hours) means a four-second sampling rate with additional high resolution and variable sampling options of one or two seconds.
  • Pure SAT Technology gives it a pulse-by-pulse averaging algorithm that is able to adjust with the patient’s condition for precision accuracy.
  • Intelligent pulse-by-pulse filter proves accurate measurements even with low perfusion or dark skin tones.
  • Secure Data Transfer to software vis USB connection.
  • Different sizes of sensor probes available to fit patients from children to adults as well as disposable FlexiWrap adhesives with reusable flex sensor.


ProFox software, designed for PCs, is easy to read and easy to interpret. It will collect and report up to 72 hours of oximetry memory data.

  • Patient Friendly to help your patients see the results of their compliance.  Allows easy evaluation of the effectiveness of therapies.
  • Software Flexibility has automatic desaturation event score and data analysis.  You can change many of the scoring and report features, such as the level defining desaturation events.
  • Software Reports provides a variety of graphic and tabular reports with statistical summaries.  Satisfies the latest Medicare guidelines for both supplemental oxygen and BiPAP (the longest continuous time spent with saturation less than 89%).

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