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Max is like having an additional assistant in the doctor’s office and lab. Max will efficiently capture and document important patient information in a fun and friendly manner, and aid in providing predictable results when mounting models.

  • 3 easy steps using photography to capture patient data
  • 2 easy steps in the lab using photographic overlays to mount models
  • Accessories help ensure accuracy and predictable results, especially for those anterior cases

Max in the Office

Take the patient’s photo:

• Use eyes to determine the distance from tablet (approx. 8 – 12 inches)

• Center the patient’s facial midline and central incisors

Adjust the size of the photo:

• Match the central incisors to the actual size of patient’s teeth

Document first point of contact.

Max in the Lab

Looking through the patient’s photo, match the model on the stand to the teeth position in the photo:

• Stand tips 20° in all directions and moves up and down

• Stand will hold its position when applying a small amount of mounting stone

Compare the photo of patient to photo of model verifying accuracy of position:

• Move the blue capture bar to switch between photos

• Use your fingers to zoom in on photos to see the fine details

• Mount the maxillary models to fit on most Denar, Hanau, and Whip Mix articulators

App purchased through Google Play Store. MaxAlign Privacy Notice.

Item No. Description
20012060 MaxAlign Doctor Kit - Includes Tablet and stand for Doctors office (2) Buy
20012070 MaxAlign Lab Kit - Includes Tablet, LabStand, Occlusal Stand, Mouting Washer, Calibration Clamp, Locating Pins & Screw Cap. Buy
Locating Pin Item No: 20012019
Mounting Washer Item No: 20012020
Calibration Clamp Item No: 20012025
Screw Cap - LabStand Item No: 3151