Life-Like Presentation Wax

A white enamel-like wax that makes a more aesthetic case presentation. The hardness of Life-Like Presentation Wax assures easy carving properties and additions can be made with perfect blending. Its opacity is sufficient to hide colored die stones even with thin laminate veneer waxups. The Life-Like Presentation Wax wax-up also aids in the fabrication of temporaries.

Every case presentation with Life-Like reflects the quality, skill and attention to aesthetics the clinician’s practice is built on.

Item No. Description
03875 Box of 12 Sticks - 28 g (1 oz.)
03877 Bulk Package of 120 Sticks-280 gram (10 oz.)
04359 Covered Tin - 42 g (1-1/2 oz.)
Trial Pack
03879 0.25oz of Life Like Presentation Wax Buy