Laboratory Plaster

Regular and Fast Set

ISO Type 2

An economical white plaster formulated for general purpose laboratory use. Improved to provide a creamier mix consistency. Available in both regular set and fast set.

Physical Properties

Water/Powder Ratio
45 mL/100 g
Working Time
5 - 7 minutes (Fast Set: 2-4 minutes)
Setting Time
14 minutes (Fast Set: 9 minutes)
Setting Expansion
Compressive Strength, Wet (1 hr.)
1,500 psi (10 MPa)
Compressive Strength, Dry (48 hrs.)
3,300 psi (23 MPa)
Item No. Description
White Fast Set
330085 Laboratory Plaster Fast Set 33#/15KG
White Regular
330086 Laboratory Plaster 33#/15KG
Trial Pack
30900 4-100g envelopes of Laboratory Plaster Buy