Porcelain Furnace

The FireLite is the perfect furnace for labs that demand performance and accuracy. With its small footprint and multi-position keypad/display panel, this furnace is easy to use.


  • NEW integrated control board design
  • 50 firing programs customizable for any type of porcelain
  • Two-point factory calibration ensures firing accuracy for both low and high fusing porcelains
  • Fast Cool feature uses the air from the muffle fed through a vacuum to reduce cycle time
  • Large, elevated cooling tray allows for easy staging of work and quickly cools just fired restorations
  • Customize the program end tune to distinguish this furnace from others in the lab
  • Special design ensures smooth lift operation — work pieces won’t slump or vibrate off the lift
  • 3 Year Warranty or 3750 muffle hours on unit, muffle and thermocouple (US & Canada only)

Technical Specifications

110 VAC +- 10% 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
Furnace Alone: 850W Furnace and Pump: 1,100W Maximum
Unit Dimensions
13.5" W x 13.5"D x 20.5"H
1,200 degrees C Maximum
50 Lbs.
Muffle Chamber
3.75" x 2.5"
Muffle Windings
Spiral-Wound Quartz Tubing
Item No. Description
91057 FireLite Porcelain Furnace 100V
91050 FireLite Porcelain Furnace (115V/60Hz)
91055 FireLite Porcelain Furnace (230V/50Hz)
High Efficiency Vacuum Pump Vacuum Pump, High-Efficiency (115V/60Hz) Item No: 95015
High Efficiency Vacuum Pump Vacuum Pump, High-Efficiency (230V/60Hz) Item No: 95005
#10369 Power Cord for Pump (115V) Item No: 96006