Dr. Mark’s HyGenie

Dr. Mark’s HyGenie, with DentalFresh cleansing gel, is designed to clean, store, and protect all types of removable dental appliances including retainers, aligners, splints, nightguards, sports mouthguards, sleep appliances, and dentures. For those larger-than-average sized dentures, HyGenie also offers a special cleaning brush called SureGrip.

Dr. Mark’s HyGenie was in development for 5 years by a group in Australia, led by Dr. Mark Wotherspoon. They were looking for cleaner, faster, safer cleaning options, compared to toothpaste and brush, and one that did not require soaking in dirty cleansing solutions.

Carry the product in your office and sell it to each patient as you deliver their removable appliance, or include it with the device as part of your treatment. You’ll be helping your patients even more, by giving them an easy way to care for their appliance.

Benefits of Dr. Mark’s HyGenie include:
  • Cleans, protects and stores in one easy to use device.
  • Opposing brushes have 10 separate brush clusters with super fine flexible bristle tips (like using 10 brushes at once).
  • Protective casing with precisely designed perforations allowing for free flow of water, 30° of ventilation and safe, dry appliance storage.
Benefits of Dr. Mark’s DentalFresh include:
  • Soap-based cleansing gel, purpose formulated for washing dental appliances.
  • Gentle pH5 helps prevent stains and build up on new appliances.
  • Contains pure peppermint oil, a natural anti-bacterial with a minty aroma.

Appliance Kit Includes:
(1) HyGenie Device
(2) DentalFresh cleansing gel (50ml)

Denture Kit Includes:
(1) HyGenie Device
(2) DentalFresh cleansing gel (50ml)
(1) SureGrip brush


“For 30 years in practice, I have seen far too many people struggle to properly clean and protect their removable dental appliances. Did you know that wearing an unhygienic dental appliance can lead to unsightly, painful and costly oral disease? Oral disease which can then lead to even more serious diseases of the heart, lungs and throat? Our mission is to change all that.”


Dr. Mark Wotherspoon, BDSc
Inventor & Founder
Dr. Mark’s HyGenie



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