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Product Description

The highest quality Red Sable hair used as bristle for these brushes provides a soft yet resilient brush that does not mat or become limp when wet. The specially contoured handles proved a comfortable and secure grip. Their long life makes them a most economical brush to use.



One end has hairs 5/8″ long, while the other end has a small cluster 3/8″ long. An excellent applicator of mixed investment to patters, it is also the ideal brush for applying die lubricants, surface tension reducers (debubblizer), and tinfoil substitutes. It is equally effective as an applicator for porcelain and plastic used in crown and bridge work and the stains used with these materials.



One end has hairs 5/8″ long. The other end contains a still larger cluster of 1″ long, stiffer white bristles. Both ends are used in applying investment materials, especially to the gingival and interproximal areas, when flasking full and partial dentures.

Technical Resources
Pattern Painter Double End Small Type
Item No. 11665
Pattern Painter Double End Large Type
Item No. 11673

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