Carbon-Free Fine Grained Investment for High Fusing Alloys

CERA-FINA is a carbon-free phosphate investment developed for professionals who demand a more finely grained investment. It is designed for use with all classes of casting alloys: precious, semiprecious, and non-precious.


  • Extremely fine texture results in accurate castings with very smooth surfaces
  • Extended working time, as much as 10 minutes, allows the investing of multiple flasks
  • Absence of carbon assures compatibility with all casting alloys, especially Palladium and non-precious
  • Increased liquid to powder ratio yields a creamier mix and allows better flow, resulting in bubble-free castings

*Suggested concentration of SPECIAL LIQUID CONCENTRATE is 75% (3 parts liquid to 1 part water).

Physical Properties

Liquid*/Powder Ratio
24 mL/ 100 g
Working Time
8 - 10 minutes
Setting Expansion
Thermal Expansion
Compressive Strengh, Wet
600 psi (4 MPa)
Item No. Description
05134 144 - 60 g Package
05142 144 - 90 g Package
330225 Cera-Fina 33#/15KG
Special Liquid Concentrate
02130 6pk / 340mL Bottles
02135 340mL Bottle
02190 6pk / 1 Liter Bottles
02194 1 Liter Bottle