Best-Bite™ Discluder

  • Assists in the diagnosis of head, neck and facial pain due to occlusal interference
  • Fast and easy: from the box to the patient’s mouth in 15 minutes
  • Intermittent use at home keeps patients out of pain while treatment plan is being developed
  • Part of a comprehensive four-step occlusal examination
Item No. Description
20000016 Best Bite Discluders - 10 Pack Buy
20000011 Best-Bite™ Intro Kit Includes: 8pk. Safety Strings, 8 Best-Bite™ Discluders, 8 Cases, Instructions and CD Buy
20000012 Best Bite™ Refill Kit Includes: 8pk. Safety Strings (x3), 24 Best Bite™ Discluders, 24 Cases and Instructions Buy