Bellus3D Dental Professional

Dental Pro Face Scanning Solution

A fast, easy, and affordable way to capture a 3D facial scan for smile design.  With this app:

  • Capture: Easily complete a 3D facial scan in less than 30 seconds
  • Share: collaborate with your lab or other specialist
  • Create: restorations in CAD software such as 3Shape or ExoCad
  • Approve: show your patient their new look and receive acceptance of your treatment plan

Use the 3D facial scan for model and articulator alignment:

  • Model: align the scanned models to the facial scan in the app
  • Virtual Articulate: use the aligned models and facial scan in CAD software to determine patients:
    • Horizontal cant
    • Anterior / Posterior angle
    • Front to back positioning of the articulator

Use Bellus3D Dental Pro to put a face to your digital workflow.


Available for sale in the US & Canada. For Canada orders, call us at 1-800-626-5651.

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