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3Shape TRIOS® 5 Intraoral Scanner

Product Description
Technical Specifications
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Product Description

This is the scanner that sets a new standard in patient protection and infection control. It is not only hygienic by design, but also smaller, lighter, and designed to fit perfectly in every hand. On top of that, it comes with our new ScanAssist engine for perfect scan results, and TRIOS® Share, for ultimate connectivity. Simply hygienic. Simply ergonomic. Simply effortless. Simply TRIOS® 5!



Balanced Scanning – TRIOS® 5 is our smallest and lightest scanner to date. Even better, this sleek, pen-grip scanner is perfectly balanced and made to fit comfortably in every hand. Including yours. It’s the scanner that feels just right.



Intelligent Scanning ScanAssist Engine – TRIOS® 5 intelligent alignment technology for building up a 3D model results in precision scans, effortlessly and efficiently. Every time. So you can concentrate on providing the excellent care that makes your patients smile.

  • Calibration free – The scanner is calibration free, meaning you don’t need to calibrate after a certain number of scans. It’s always ready to use!
  • Smart haptic feedback – Switching focus between patient and screen can be distracting. That’s why the scanner uses haptics – a subtle vibration – to give you feedback.
  • LED to indicate readiness – A LED ring on the scanner indicates the status of the scanner: it tells you when it’s connected, low on battery, or the tip is ready, for example. You’ll know if you’re scan-ready with just a glance.
  • Remote control button – Use your scanner as a remote control. Point to the screen and use the button to select your next step or rotate the 3D model. There’s no longer the need to touch (and clean) the mouse.
  • Smart power management – When you don’t use the scanner, it goes into sleep mode to save battery. It then reactivates when you pick it up again. Simply powerful.



Hygienic Scanning – TRIOS® 5 sets a new standard for patient protection and infection control. We like to call it ‘hygienic by design’. It’s easy to clean because it hardly has any openings or crevices. But you don’t need to take our word for it: TRIOS 5 is FDA cleared, too. Let’s take a look at what we did.

  • Sleeve for optimal cleanness – The ultra-thin, snug and near-invisible sleeve minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. It’s one-time use – you put it on, scan and take it off when you’re done scanning. It’s that simple.
  • Scratch-free sapphire glass – The window inside the tip is made of sapphire glass. What makes this material great? It’s scratch-free and heats up super-fast – ensuring your tip is scan-ready in seconds.
  • Sealed mirror – Inside the scanner, you’ll find a sealed mirror. Because the mirror is enclosed, no dust or dirt can enter and affect the optics performance of the scanner.
  • Closed autoclavable tip – We’ve developed a closed, autoclavable tip. This means that the risk of cross-contamination between patient visits is minimized.


New TRIOS® 5 Innovations Include:

  • 30% smaller and 20% lighter compared to TRIOS 4. Made to fit perfectly in your hand.
  • Introducing ScanAssist, providing you with easier scanning independent of scan strategy.
  • Improved battery technology, requiring only one battery per day.
  • Truly effortless: calibration free scanner.
  • LED ring and haptic feedback for better user guidance.
  • Two-button design for improved software navigation and scan analysis.
  • Autoclavable scan tips providing a microbial barrier on the scan tip.
  • Body sleeves to significantly reduce risk of cross contamination.
  • Closed tip design to avoid cross contamination.
  • Scanner body has been designed for cleaning and disinfection.


The 3Shape TRIOS® 5 IOS digital images are indicated for use in:

  • Restorations
  • Orthodontics
  • Implantology
  • Aid in diagnosis of caries


Acquisition PC: 3Shape TRIOS® intraoral scanners come complete with an optimized PC with software pre-installed to get you scanning quicker.


TRIOS® Unite

An intuitive interface, simplified lab order form with built-in chat, accessible portfolio of patient imaging data and much more. 3Shape Unite simply allows you to connect to the right partners and makes digital dentistry easy, end-to-end.

  • 3Shape Model Maker: Enables you to create mandible and maxilla models directly from your TRIOS® scans in just a few clicks.
  • Dental Labs: Get direct access to your lab of choice for a super easy workflow for design, production, and tracking of your treatments.
  • Clear Aligners: Expand your dentistry with clear aligners. Benefit from direct connectivity to the clear aligner providers in the store and seamless data exchange. No more download, upload or switching platforms.
  • Studio and Patient Engagement Apps: The patient engagement apps make it easier than ever to communicate with your patients and increase acceptance of your treatment proposals. The studio apps let you start with designing for clear aligners, implants, splints and same-day dentistry with just a click.


TRIOS® Share

TRIOS® Share is a first in dentistry. It is technology that lets you use your wireless TRIOS scanner on any PC in your practice. Now, your entire clinic can be covered with just one scanner, so you can scan and plan treatment anywhere. Plus: it can be activated for free with any of our wireless TRIOS models.

  • Scan everywhere – Share a single TRIOS wireless scanner across operatories and enjoy ultimate scanning mobility.
  • Plan on all PCs – Access 3Shape Unite to treatment plan on all PCs in your practice to improve your team’s efficiency.
  • Maximize your investment – Maximize investment; minimize costs. Enable TRIOS Share for free with every TRIOS wireless model.


Patient Engagement Apps

  • TRIOS® Patient Monitoring for frontline prevention: TRIOS® Patient Monitoring allows you to scan every patient every time to accurately track changes in teeth and aid the early identification of dental conditions sooner. Share visual monitoring information with patients to advance their understanding of issues and the need for treatment.
  • TRIOS® Smile Design: Use TRIOS® Smile Design to design your patient’s beautiful new smile in just minutes, based on a photo of your patient’s face. Share the photorealistic results with your patient to align expectations and stimulate treatment acceptance.
  • TRIOS® Treatment Simulator: With TRIOS® Treatment Simulator, you scan your patient to show them their present dentition and then compare to the expected results of orthodontic treatment to gain greater case approval.



TRIOS® Care is a new and improved service agreement with exceptional benefits at zero cost for the first year! With all this and more, TRIOS® Care enables you to focus on what matters most – delivering treatments that will make you and your patients smile, and reaching your full digital potential, stress-free.


*Authorized distributor in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico only

Technical Specifications

Scanner Specifications
Made to fit perfectly in your hand.

Weight (hand piece only including battery)
299 grams

Dimensions Scanner
Size: 3.7 x 26.6 x 3.8 cm

Dimensions Tip
Size: 2.26 x 9.5 x 1.95 cm


Light Source

Scanner Tip
Autoclavable tips that have been tested to provide a microbial barrier. Tip sterilizable by autoclave up to 100 times. With sleeves and a scanner body that has been designed for premium hygiene.

Anti-fogging Technology
Yes – Instant anti-fogging technology

3D scan with real lifelike colors

Comes with three rechargeable batteries

Battery Scanning Time
Up to 66 minutes of continuous scanning per battery

Battery Charging Time
60 minutes to achieve 80% battery power. Less than 2 hours to achieve 100% battery power.

Sleep Mode
The scanner can stay in sleep mode with the battery inserted for more than 7 days.

Wireless Range
Same room, up to 15 meters

Scan Over WiFi
Scanning over WiFi possible with TRIOS Share.

Setup Specifications
Setup Options

Pod Diameter
11 cm

Pod Weight
380 grams


Software & Lab Integration
Output File Format

Compatibility with CAD/CAM Systems
Open Platform

Case Management Software
3Shape Unite

Restorations, Orthodontics, Implantology, Assessment of dental status


PC Software / Hardware
Software Requirements
Windows 10

Recommended Hardware
16 GB of RAM (DDR4 or better) • > 256 GB of free disk space (or better) • 4 Core Intel i7 Processor (or better) • NVIDA Graphics Quadro (10 series (GTX) 1070 or Greater with min 4GB video memory) or NVIDA Graphics Processor (2000 series (RTX) 2060 or Greater with min 6GB video memory)

System Calibration
The system is pre-calibrated from factory and requires no user intervention


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