3Shape E3

High Performance and Implant Bar Accuracy


The E3 Features:

  • Latest Technologies – Blue LED and multi-line scanning for optimal detail capture and accuracy
  • Auto Start For High Productivity – No need to press a button; starts scanning as soon as you place the model inside
  • Fast Scanning – Amazing scan speeds let you complete more cases in less time
  • Reliable Impression Scanning – Scan impressions directly without pouring a model, saving time and costs
  • Best Value For Your Money – Get advanced scanning features and CAD design workflows at an affordable price


Technical Specifications

2 x 5.0 MP cameras, Blue LED Multiline
(ISO 12836/study model): 7 μm/10 μm
Full Arch Scan Time
18 sec
Full Arch Impression Scan Time
64 sec
Scanning Strategy
Item No. Description
79320 E3 Red Scan Only with LabCare
79321 E3 Red Crown & Bridge with LabCare
79322 E3 Red Premium with LabCare
79323 E3 Red Complete Restorative with LabCare
79324 E3 Red Removables with LabCare