3Shape E3

High Performance and Implant Bar Accuracy


The E3 Features:

  • Latest Technologies – Blue LED and multi-line scanning for optimal detail capture and accuracy
  • Auto Start For High Productivity – No need to press a button; starts scanning as soon as you place the model inside
  • Fast Scanning – Amazing scan speeds let you complete more cases in less time
  • Reliable Impression Scanning – Scan impressions directly without pouring a model, saving time and costs
  • Best Value For Your Money – Get advanced scanning features and CAD design workflows at an affordable price


Technical Specifications

2 x 5.0 MP cameras, Blue LED Multiline
(ISO 12836/study model): 7 μm/10 μm
Full Arch Scan Time
18 sec
Full Arch Impression Scan Time
64 sec
Scanning Strategy
Item No. Description
79320 E3 Red Scan Only with LabCare
79321 E3 Red Crown & Bridge with LabCare
79322 E3 Red Premium with LabCare
79323 E3 Red Complete Restorative with LabCare
79324 E3 Red Removables with LabCare
79325 E3 Red Scan Only with LabCare No PC
79326 E3 Red Ortho System Premium with LABcare
79327 E3 Red Ortho System Scan Only with LABcare