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3Shape E1 Red Scanner

Essential Scanning

Full Arch Impression Scan Speed
Scan Accuracy
Product Description
Technical Specifications
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Product Description

The E1 laboratory scanner from 3Shape offers essential scanning to digitize your lab. It features innovative digital dentistry advancements, including blue LED light and multi-line scanning that allows for optimal detail capture and accuracy. It will aid in increasing your productivity as its fast scanning will help you get through more cases in less time.

The E1 Features:

  • Latest Technologies – Blue LED and multi-line scanning for optimal detail capture and accuracy
  • Auto Start For High Productivity – No need to press a button; starts scanning as soon as you place the model inside
  • Fast Scanning – Amazing scan speeds let you complete more cases in less time
  • Reliable Impression Scanning – Scan impressions directly without pouring a model, saving time and costs
  • Best Value For Your Money – Get advanced scanning features and CAD design workflows at an affordable price
Technical Specifications

2 x 5.0 MP cameras, Blue LED Multiline

(ISO 12836 / implant): 10μm/12 μm

Full Arch Scan Time
32 sec

Full Arch Impression Scan Time
104 sec


Scanning Strategy

3Shape E1 Red Scanner
Item No. 79297

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