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3Shape D2000 Scanner

All-in-One Scanning for Max Throughput

Full Arch Scan Speed
Full Arch Impression Scan Speed
Scan Accuracy
Product Description
Technical Specifications
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Product Description

Designed to maximize dental lab productivity, the D2000 scanner features room to simultaneously scan two models. The highly accurate multi-line scanning technology can scan dies while they are in the model, allowing an entire case to be scanned in just a single step.

The D2000 Features:

  • Complete case in one scan – no need to scan models, dies and bite separately
  • Optimized multi-line technology & processing for fast case throughput
  • Simultaneous scanning of Upper and Lower model
  • RealColor Technology – capturing all textures and colors on the model for lifelike design experience
Technical Specifications

4 x 5.0 MP cameras, Blue LED Multiline

(ISO 12836 / implant): 5μm/8 μm

Die Scan Time
15 sec

Full Arch Scan Time
25 sec

Full Arch Impression Scan Time
65 sec


Scanning Strategy
Die-in-model & All-in-one

D2000 Scan Only with LABcare
Item No. 70936
D2000 Complete Restorative with LABcare
Item No. 70952

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