3/4 HP Wet Model Trimmer

This innovative Wet Model Trimmer was designed with power, performance and safety in mind. Engineered for heavy-duty use, the 3/4 HP wet trimmer operates at a full 1800 RPM.

Designed for the professional lab, this unit offers many unique features.

Special features include:

  • Self cleaning design flushes slurry from unit, preventing stone or plaster build-up
  • Easy to open, single clasp door
  • Electric Water Valve
  • Splash Shield
  • Water Spray Attachment

Safety features include:

  • Enclosed motor
  • Special “trip-to-off” safety switch, shuts off motor if the door is opened during operation or in the event of a power failure.
  • Waterproof on/off switch.

High-powered for high performance, the 3/4 HP Wet Model Trimmer will withstand years of rigorous use.

*Also Includes: Electric Water Valve, Splash Shield and Water Spray Attachment.

Technical Specifications

15"W x 15.25"H x 19"D
28.3 kg (62.45 lbs)
Drive Motor
1,800 RPM 3/4HP
3 year parts and labor (US & Canada Only)
Item No. Description
09650 115V/60Hz, 3/4 HP- Equipped with a two-position stainless steel Work Table and a 12" x 1/4" coarse Abrasive Wheel.
#36114 On/Off Switch 3/4 HP Item No: 09646
#36117 Electric Water Valve Assembly 3/4 HP Item No: 09647
#36034 Drain Hose 40" Item No: 09658
#36039 Door Gasket 46" Item No: 09666
#36041 Spray Tube Assembly Item No: 09667
#36082 Splash Shield Assembly Item No: 09669
#36046 Work Table Item No: 09670
#36125 Drain Hose 24" 1.5in diameter (For Trimmers Prior to 7/09) Item No: 21119