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Ortho Suite Simplicity

The Orthodontic Suite from 3Shape is a fairly simple collection of programs. From its organization, tool sets, and the built-in workflows, once you use it you will see how it is something that anybody can pick up and use. In no time at all you can be getting scans ready to print, making aligners, splints, custom bands, indirect bonding and more! The accessibility of this suite makes it ideal for anyone wanting to switch to digital but may be intimidated by that daunting task.

The database where everything is stored is separated by patient. Now if you are coming from the Dental Suite, this might be a little different than what you are used to. The Orthodontic Suite saves everything by patient which allows the use of the same patient for multiple model sets. This opens up the possibilities of multiple designs without compromising the original scan/data. It also, probably more importantly, allows you to use the same patient for different stages of the orthodontic process. You make one patient for John Doe and then you can make a beginning model set, an updated model set, and a final model set.

You might notice that the tools you use are used repeatedly through the process, so once you have mastered those tools, you can be confident moving through the orthodontic processes that you will be able to make the modifications you need to get your goal accomplished.

Quite possibly the best feature that 3Shape implemented, however, is the workflow interface. At the top center of the screen, you will see an overview of your entire project. This allows you to know where you are in the process. On the left hand side of the screen is a more detailed description of the specific step you are on, including great hints and guides to help you through your cases if you are new and/or get stuck. This is not exclusive to the Orthodontic Suite but is a trademark sign of the 3Shape application design.

If you are thinking about making that leap into digital orthodontics, I hope this brief overview helped ease your mind. The process appears daunting, but the walls come down as you sit down at a chair with the Orthodontic Suite in front of you.


Matthew Davis

Matt is a Digital Support Specialist at Whip Mix. Before joining the digital part of the company, he worked at Excel Orthodontics Lab for 4 years helping to develop the lab’s digital workflow and growing its digital footprint. During his years there, he transformed several analog orthodontic, implant, and sleep apnea workflows into successful digital workflows for the lab. When he started, the lab was using a single 3D printer, but by the time he left, he had fully incorporated three, including printers from Stratasys, Envisiontec, and Carbon. His experience growing the printing part of the business, coupled with his proficiency, made him invaluable to the lab and gave him a wealth of personal digital knowledge. Before he left the business to become a Digital Support Specialist at Whip Mix, Matt trained four of the lab’s employees on 3D printers and 3Shape software.

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