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MaxAlign & The Edentulous Patient

Function and esthetics go hand in hand, and being able to deliver a set of dentures that fit correctly as well as looks nice is the ultimate goal when working with an edentulous patient.

One important part of working with edentulous patients is capturing important patient data to be used by the lab who will fabricate the dentures. Many times, when the lab receives a case, they become somewhat like a detective, as they work to put a puzzle together without really knowing what the end picture is like if key patient data is missing. For example:

  • What if there was an easy way to capture a patient’s photo with highlighted data points?
  • What if this information could be emailed to the lab to be used with patient models?
  • What if the lab could use this photography as an overlay to the actual model?
  • What if the lab could mount the model with confidence knowing that it matched the look of the patient?
  • What if the lab could tell if the model was accurate before mounting at all?

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it. However, it is possible with the help of MaxAlign, an Android app. Watch the video below as Dr. Shannon Johnson demonstrates how valuable patient data that is captured using MaxAlign is for the edentulous patient.



What kind of patient data are you currently capturing? How is digital photography being utilized between the dentist & dental lab to facilitate communication?

Lorena Lighthart

Lorena Lighthart is the Product Manager for the Clinical products division at Whip Mix. She has worked in the dental industry for over 30 years. Lorena works with a myriad of experts in the field to bring new products to market that support functional occlusion, esthetics, and healthy sleep.