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Maintaining Your Whip Mix Vacuum Mixers

vacuum-mixer-maintenanceWe’ve all heard the phrase ‘built to last’ and while many things do last longer than anticipated it’s typically because the item has been well taken care of and maintained.  This isn’t any different when it comes to the equipment in your laboratory, including vacuum mixers. While the Whip Mix Combination and Power Plus vacuum mixers have been known to last a very long time, that doesn’t mean you can forget about doing a little regular maintenance to ensure it lasts.

It’s not uncommon for our technical support team to talk with customers on a regular basis that experience the following with their vacuum mixers:

  • low vacuum
  • discolored tubing
  • damaged or clogged trap cap
  • worn vanes (look rounded)
  • cork gasket is beginning to crumble
  • felt filters look dirty
  • hear a clacking noise

Fixing these issues is extremely easy with the Vac-U-Care Maintenance kit. The video below shows you the step-by-step how you can service your vacuum mixer using the kit.


Remember, it’s a lot easier to stay ahead of the game and do regular maintenance – on all of your equipment. Whip Mix recommends servicing vacuum mixers every 5 years and to change the oil as need.

Sarah Brom-Criscola

Sarah Brom-Criscola is a Sr. Marketing Specialist where she oversees digital and content marketing. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Eastern Kentucky University and MBA from Bellarmine University.