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Get Ready to Meet the Asiga Twins

The movie “Twins” is a 1988 American comedy film produced and directed by Ivan Reitman about unlikely twins (Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito) who were separated at birth.

Julius and Vincent Benedict are twins, the result of a secret experiment carried out at a genetics laboratory to combine the DNA of six fathers to produce the perfect child. To the surprise of the scientists, the embryo split and the twins were born. The core of the film is the contrast between the streetwise Vincent (DeVito) and the intelligent but naive Julius (Schwarzenegger).


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito Twins Movie


What does this have to do with 3D Printing and with Asiga for that matter?

I guess you could say that the Asiga Max and the Asiga Pro 4K are like twins with the same DNA but with a few variables — the biggest being size.

A little history goes a long way.

In 2015, “streetwise” Chris Frye DTS Sales manager who spent several years in the 3D printing industry helping clients understand the complexities of 3D printing. He knew he wanted to bring to the dental market a robust, reliable, industrial printer that was accurate and yet affordable. During his search, he came across a young upstart company who had the DNA he was looking for. A company that wanted to do better and that would align with the Whip Mix Corporation value and goals, so he took a chance with them. In 2015, Whip Mix Corporation, a leading dental company, collaborated with Asiga to be the exclusive reseller in the dental industry. Since then we have sold over 500 printers to our customer base. We are proud of our record of accomplishment in helping labs and dentists get into 3D printing.

Asiga headquarters is in Sydney, Australia. In 2011 they launched the world’s first LED based DLP printer and started the affordable desktop stereo lithography revolution, which changed digital manufacturing forever!

Their mechanical, electronics, software and materials team simply wanted to produce the best printer. They are committed to continued innovation and product improvement and Whip Mix is committed to offer the dental industry a robust and reliable 3D printer. There is nothing naïve about the Asiga and the Whip Mix Corporation. They are both “streetwise” and intelligent when it comes to getting the job done.

Get ready to meet the Twins – The Asiga MAX is the world’s most advanced lab 3D printer offering exceptional productivity in a small footprint. The PRO 4K utilizes the latest DLP imaging technology to achieve the largest print envelope in the company’s range. Let’s discuss their similarities and differences. After reading this blog, I hope that you will have a better understanding of which one is right for you and best meets your needs.


Asiga Award Winning 3D Printer Technology

At the core of their DNA are 4 Process Monitoring Technologies that produce repeatable precision. These technologies ensure that every layer is formed accurately, resulting in a reliable output for quality assurance and patient safety.

  1. The first step is ensuring that each layer is formed accurately with the Asiga Proprietary Smart Positioning System (SPS) Layering Processes.
    1. SPS™ Smart-Positioning-System Technology – is a series of positioning encoders that read the exact position of the build platform during every layer approach. This ensures that the next layer is exposed/formed only once the build-platform target position has been reached. This unique SPS™ process guarantees every layer is formed accurately resulting in consistent results in any environment.
  2. The second step in the journey of the process monitoring technology is the IR which compensate for power highs and lows during the day.
    1. Internal Radiometer – An internal radiometer actively monitors LED intensity during every build ensuring the correct light exposure delivered for each layer. Senses the change in light output for automatic LED calibration.
  3. Thirdly the light engine plays a critical role in the success of 3D printing, which is why Asiga uses a High power UV 385nm LED
    1. Why 385nm UV LEDs? 3D materials cure faster at deeper UV wavelengths (385nm) reducing XY scattering and over-cure. The result is consistent accuracy, production reliability and the ability to process water-clear materials.
  4. Asiga’s Latest DLP Imaging Technology – Coupled with custom-engineered optics for precision pixel placement and accuracy of your prints.
    1. Print Precision – Small pixel size and pixel placement are crucial for reproducing digital data accurately. For dentistry, we recommend pixel sizes between 60 – 80μm, depending on the application.


Additional Identical Features

  • Indication – Ideal for the manufacture of dental orthodontics, dental models, surgical guides, denture bases, temporaries, partial frameworks, IBT’s, crown and bridge, custom trays, splints, and more.
  • Industry Proven Performance – Precision, reliability and speed for the most demanding production applications. One of two printers to receive a positive Net Promotor Score -JDT
  • Open Material System – Print with any suitable material from any material manufacturer. Your choice, no strings.
  • Seamless Integration – Simple touch screen user interface and multiple connection options for seamless integration into your digital workflow.
  • Fastest Material Changeover – The fastest material change over than any other product on the market. Complete in under 30 seconds
  • Single Point Calibration – Simple platform calibration and internal radiometer for automatic LED calibration.
  • The Whip Mix Advantage – We are committed to providing the very best in education and technical support in the dental industry. Knowing that, you can have peace of mind.


As you have read, both Asiga carry the same DNA with Intelligent design and Streetwise performance but with a few unique differences:

Asiga Max 3D Printer

The Asiga MAX is the world’s most advanced lab 3D printer offering exceptional productivity in a small footprint.

Footprint size Max: 10.2 × 15.2 × 14.5 inches / 42.6 lb.
Build plate sizes: Max: 4.69 × 2.64 × 2.95 inches
Pixel sizes Max: 62 microns
Print Speed at: 50-micron layers would be 60 minutes. At 100-micron layers, you can cut these times in half.


Asiga Pro 4K Printer

The PRO 4K utilizes the latest DLP imaging technology to achieve the largest print envelope in our range.

Footprint size 4K: 18.3 × 21.3 × 53.0 inches / 309 lb.
Build plate sizes: Pro 4K: 8.54 × 4.8 × 7.87 inches
Pixel sizes 4K: 56 microns
Print Speed at: 50-micron layer would be 45 minutes. At 100-micron layers, you can cut these times in half.


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Tom Houle

Tom Houle is a Whip Mix as Territory Sales Manager for the West Coast. Tom’s 20+ years of experience in technical sales, business development and territory management helps the company’s continued growth in the digital product arena. Tom has been very successful as a Field Sales Rep, Regional Sales Manager and Director, and a CAD CAM Specialist for several well-known dental and dental laboratory products companies. His can-do attitude and his commitment to customers, recognized by countless lab owners and technicians across the country, will ensure his success in his new position. To contact Tom, call his cell phone (707) 470-9849, or email him at