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Choosing a 3Shape Scanner for Your Dental Lab [Updated]

Digital technology within the dental industry is changing and improving rapidly. We have most recently seen this with the introduction of 4 new scanners from 3Shape. Though similar to the older models, these scanners have a sleeker design and improved technology. This improved technology allows for more detailed and faster scans among other improvement and updates.

The new 3Shape Scanners still offer customers a scanning solution for any size laboratory and with new features and technology choosing the scanner that is right for your lab can be a little confusing. We’ve broken down the key features of each scanner along with the software options 3Shape has to offer to make it a little easier to understand.

Understanding Your Scanner Options

3shape-d500-scanner-from-whipmixThe D500

The D500 Scanner is the only scanner that did not get a complete makeover. It is a great scanner for any small to medium size laboratory and budget and is the most attractive entry-level scanner on the market. The D500 features 2-1.3 mega pixel cameras, scan speed (single die) of 40 seconds and has an improved accuracy of 10 microns.

3shape-d750-from-whipmixThe D750

Replacing the D700 and D710 models, the D750 scanner is ideal for medium to large sized laboratories where productivity and flexibility are the key and is still known as the “workhorse” of the 3Shape scanners. The D750 features 2-1.3 mega pixels cameras with a Blue LED laser, scan speed (single die) of 25 seconds and improved accuracy: 10µm (ISO)/ 12 µm (Implant bar). In addition, it has an extended interior and multi-die feeder.

3shape-d850-scanner-from-whipmixThe D850

The D850 scanner, replacing the D800 and D810, is ideal for those dental labs that demands accuracy and detail. Just like the D750, the D850 features the Blue LED laser, however it utilizes 2-5.0 mega-pixels cameras. It also has improved accuracy: 7 µm (ISO)/ 8 µm (Implant bar). In addition, has an extended interior and multi-die feeder. Unlike the D750, the D850 features texture scanning – capturing 2D images of the model surface.

3shape-d900L-scanner-from-whipmixThe D900L 

The D900L scanner gives labs very high scan speeds and unique color scanning capabilities, enhanced detail and high accuracy (7 µm ISO / 8 µm Implant bar). With 4-5 mega pixel cameras, the D900L features Blue LED technology providing extraordinary speed and highly accurate color scanning. In addition, it features RealColor™ Technology, allowing technicians to capture colored markings, indicating different design details. The D900L replaces the D900 model.

d1000-3shape-scanner-from-whipmixThe D1000

The D1000 is one of two completely new scanners to the 3Shape offering. This scanner is perfect for those ultra-high production labs. One feature that truly makes this scanner stand out from the crowd is it’s use of multi-line Blue LED lasers. Utilizing 27 lines instead of one, this makes the scan time up to 40% faster, enabling a faster throughput. The D1000 also features improved accuracy (5 µm ISO / 8 µm Implant bar) and color texture scanning.

d2000-3shape-scanner-from-whipmixThe D2000

The D2000, the other new scanner to the 3Shape scanner offering, is also ideal for ultra-high production labs. The scanner features the same multi-line Blue LED laser, improved accuracy and RealColor™ Technology as the D1000 model. However, the one thing that makes this scanner stand out from all the rest is it’s all-in-one scanning capability. This enables the lab to scan a complete case in one scan – no need to scan models, dies and bites separately.

Understanding Your Software Options

3Shape-SoftwareThe D500 Series scanner comes with Dental System™ Standard, which allows all of your standard indications and gives you the option to upgrade to Dental System™ Premium. The D700, D800 and D900 Series scanners all come with Dental System™ Premium, which comes complete with all basic CAD Indications, i.e. single coping, bridge framework, anatomical copings and bridge frameworks. In addition, Dental System Premium comes with more advanced tools like virtual articulation, mirroring teeth, 3Shape Communicate, Trios Inbox and 3Shape LABCare™ to name a few. For more complex cases like customized abutments, implant bars and bridges or full dentures you will need to purchase add-on software.

Another great feature, 3Shape Software offers is CAD Points. CAD Points do not come with the initial purchase of the scanner, but are purchased on an as needed basis. These CAD Points, allow 3Shape users the ability to design complex cases, like custom abutments, Implant Bars & Bridges, on a per case basis – there is no need to purchase the full software add-on package. This allows users the flexibility to offer additional services to customers when they do not have the production levels that justify the cost of purchasing the additional software modules.

Making a Decision

While 3Shape has given dental labs and abundance of choices, before you make your decision you really should consider the following: cost, technical support, lease or buy, the types of restorations you are currently offering, current volume. In addition, you should also be thinking about where you want your lab to be in the future. Incorporating digital equipment into your lab can open many doors including attracting new business and the ability to expand your offerings.

While making the lead into digital can be scary, if you have the right equipment for your dental lab and are backed by a strong support team you can make the transition easily and successfully!

About the Author

Chris_FryeChris Frye is Sales Manager for our Dental Technology Solutions Division. He is in charge of leading the sales efforts of our digital products throughout the United States. Chris has over 14 years in the ink jet printing industry as a product specialist and territory manager with the last 3 years spent specifically in the 3D printing industry. He can be reached at

Chris Frye

Chris has been a product specialist for over 18 years. In 2012, he became involved in the 3D printing industry, helping clients understand the complexities of printing and how it can help their companies. He is knowledgeable in all forms of 3D printing, having been associated with Stratasys, 3D Systems and Asiga. Chris can be reached at or 513-680-1512.