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Checking the Calibration of Your Articulator in 4 Easy Steps

Ensuring your articulator is in calibration is just like keeping up on regular maintenance of your car. If you fail to keep up a regular maintenance schedule on your car, it can lead to problems down the road.

In the case of your articulator, a Whip Mix Verification Gage allows you to check for calibration between instruments giving you assurance that mounted casts can be interchanged between same model/type articulators. This enables you to send only the mounted casts between office and lab, saving cost and unwanted damage to articulator caused during shipping.

Using the Verification Gages from Whip Mix, you now have a simpler, quicker way to check that your articulator is in calibration; a procedure that can be performed in your dental office or dental lab in a matter of minutes.

Checking the calibration of your articulator in 4 easy steps:

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Clean the mounting plate and condyle surfaces, then mount the gage



Verify top-to-bottom members are setting on a flat plane using mylar or 2” shim



Verify alignment with the verification pin. If the pin falls easily through each hole, the instrument is in calibration



If the pin does not drop, it is not in calibration. Some instruments can be calibrated others need factory calibration



These easy steps are compatible with the Hanau, Whip Mix and Denar Verification Gages which can be used on the most of our articulators including the Denar Mark II, the Whip Mix Model 2240, Hanau Wide Vue and Denar Mark 320.

Now you can transfer casts between compatible articulators without concern that accuracy will be affected! For more detail on how to calibrate your articulator, view our webinar How to Verify & Calibrate Your Articulator!

Sarah Brom-Criscola

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