Whip Mix Bldg.

As a leader in the dental industry, Whip Mix is committed to leveraging its technical expertise and manufacturing excellence into practical solutions for dental professionals. Our love for the customer creates a relationship-driven business model that ensures the success of all of our global partners.

Our main corporate offices and manufacturing facilities, encompassing over 220,000 square feet, is located in Louisville, Kentucky. Whip Mix West, in Fort Collins Colorado exclusively manufactures the Denar and Hanau lines of Articulators and Face Bows. In addition, Whip Mix maintains a distribution center in Dortmund, Germany to fulfill orders across Europe.

2018 Health Canada CERT


For more information, contact:

World Headquarters

361 Farmington Avenue
P.O. Box 17183
Louisville, KY 40217 USA
TOLL FREE: 800-626-5651
PHONE: 502-637-1451
Fax: 502-634-4512

Whip Mix Corporation – West

Restorative Oral Health Division
1730 E. Prospect Rd, Ste 101
Fort Collins, CO 80525 USA
PHONE: 970-472-1635


Whip Mix Europe GmbH
Wißstrasse 26-28
D-44137 Dortmund
Name: Mike Hegemann
PHONE: +49 (0) 231 / 567 70 8-0
FAX: +49 (0) 231 / 567 70 8-50
email: mike.hegemann@whipmix-europe.com