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3Shape Quick Tip: How to add a Dentist/Dental Office

When purchasing a 3Shape Dental system it’s very important to keep organized. If you are not careful your system can start to look like that old email inbox that is getting out of control. Staying organized will help to prevent confusion, and even worst, delivering cases to the wrong dentist. So here is a quick tip on how to accomplish this in your 3Shape Dental System.

The first step you are going to open up the Dental System Control Panel, this is usually located on the desktop but can also be found in Dental System Manager. This icon looks like a nut fastener- pictured here. Please double click the icon to open the control panel.


After opening the Dental System Control Panel you will need to find a heading titled “Site Settings.” Under site settings you will find a section labeled “Dentists” as shown below. The Dentist section of the control panel is where you can add new dentists, edit existing information, add CAD settings, and also add connections for intraoral digital scanners.  Please click on the Dentist tab to access that information.


To add a dentist you simply click on the “Add” Tab, and then fill in the dentist’s information. The add tab is located on the left side of the screen and has a green plus sign. The red underlined sections shown below are recommendations of what needs to be filled in. Fax, Email, and web address can still be filled in, but are not as important.


After completing the contact information correctly it is time to save our changes. This is done simply by selecting the save button at the top left side of the control panel. When selecting “save” it will prompt you to confirm your changes, select “yes”. You have now successfully added a dentist/dental office into your control panel.

To verify that your dentists were added into 3Shape, simply open a new order and check under the Customer information drop down. In the example below, you can see Dr. Bond was added successfully.


Cory Lambertson

Cory Lambertson is a Technical Services Representative at Whip Mix. As a certified 3Shape and Roland trainer, he develops and conducts CAD/CAM equipment & software training and provides technical support/assistance to our digital customers. Before joining Whip Mix, he worked for 2-years in his father’s dental laboratory, Heartland Dental Laboratory in Hillsdale Michigan as a 3Shape Cad/Cam Technician. Cory received his Bachelors of Science in Finance from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

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