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Incorporating 3D printing technology into your dental office is essential for enhancing precision, efficiency, and patient satisfaction. It allows for the creation of custom models and personalized dental prosthetics, enabling improved treatment planning, accurate implant placement, and high-quality restorations tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

3D Printing for Dentists

Dentists can benefit tremendously from having a 3D printer in their practice, as it enhances the services they offer with remarkable precision, efficiency, and patient satisfaction. One significant advantage of a 3D printer is its ability to fabricate custom dental models and surgical guides. 

Dentists can obtain accurate replicas of patients’ teeth and jaws, enabling precise treatment planning for procedures like dental implants or orthodontic treatments. These 3D-printed models allow dentists to visualize and analyze the oral structures, resulting in improved treatment outcomes and reduced chairside time.

Offering Personalized and Accurate Services 

Dentists can leverage 3D technology to fabricate surgical guides, assisting in precise implant placement. These guides are designed based on digital scans, allowing dentists to determine the exact location, angle, and depth for implant placement, resulting in improved surgical accuracy and predictability.
Moreover, 3D printers empower dentists to create personalized dental prosthetics, such as crowns, bridges, and dentures, with unmatched precision and aesthetics. The technology enables the production of highly accurate and comfortable dental restorations that fit perfectly with patients’ unique oral anatomy, ensuring optimal functionality and natural-looking results.

Buying a Printer for Your Dental Office 

Whip Mix offers three exceptional 3D printer models for dental practices: VeriEKO, Asiga Max, and Asiga Pro 4K. They provide dental practices with the capability to produce high-quality dental restorations, models, surgical guides, and more with exceptional accuracy.


The VeriEKO model stands out with its compact size and impressive speed, delivering three times the speed of a regular LCD printer. Its accuracy is attributed to its LED light uniformity of over 95%. With a 128 x 80mm print plate, the VeriEKO can produce a wide range of items, including temporary and permanent crowns and bridges, models and dies, splints, custom trays, and dentures.

Asiga Max

The Asiga Max is renowned for its advanced productivity and small footprint. With a pixel resolution of 62µm optimized for dental environments, it ensures precise printing results. Because it is an open materials system with over 400 validated resins, the Asiga Max is versatile in manufacturing dental orthodontics, crown and bridge restorations, surgical guides, dental models, custom trays, and partial dentures. 

Asiga Pro 4K

The Asiga Pro 4K boasts the largest print envelope in Whip Mix’s range, utilizing 4K DLP imaging technology and custom-engineered optics. It excels in precision, reliability, and speed, catering to demanding production applications in dentistry. With its cutting-edge technology, the Pro 4K sets a new standard for dental additive manufacturing.
Investing in Whip Mix’s 3D printers is a wise choice for dental clinics seeking to elevate their level of care. These advanced printers offer exceptional speed, and versatility, enabling clinics to produce a wide range of products for their patients. Contact our team at Whip Mix now to discover which of our printers is right for your dental practice. 

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